Our premium quality products, highly skilled technicians and dedicated team and transparency in services are the main pillars of strength. The team gets with itself the right mix of technical know-how and field experience. Thus, you can bank upon our services. Rest assured that you would get finest quality products and impeccable service.We abide by service, quality and trust. By giving best of the best quality and service we plan to foster long term relations.

3D Wheel Alignment & Tyre

Bad roads, potholes contribute to misalignment of wheels while shortening Tire life which causes rapid and uneven treadwear. Accurately aligned wheels enhances driving control, improves driver safety, increases fuel efficiency and Tire life.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin of the automobile. Automobile interiors have a variety of materials used inside the cabin, such as synthetic upholstery, leather, natural fibre, vinyl, carbon fibre, plastics and rubber, to name a few. At LAUGFs Care Care, we use the best products and techniques available to clean and maintain the interior of your car, leaving everything pristine and as good as new.

Leather Cleaning & Treatment

Proper care of your vehicles Leather interior protects it from daily wear and tear, prolonging longevity and beauty of leather seats and upholstery. Our professional Leather treatment cleans conditions and protects your automotive Leather.

Running Repairs

Vehicle maintenance, running repairs need serious consideration to ensure the vehicle performs to its fullest potential. Vehicle parts and accessories aren’t made to last forever. Our Running repair services is renowned for expert long term solutions.

Car Tint Sun Control Films / Paint Protection Film

Sun control Films not only protects you from dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays, glare and heat build-up it gives your ride high style. Industries best Paint protection Film prevents the possible paint scratches, keeping your vehicle looking newer for longer.

Anti Glare Windshield Coating

It is also UV resistant so that it is not degraded by sunlight. when applied on glass creates a molecular bond with the substrate and not like silicone or wax which is coated and wear off easily. The molecular bond ensures extended life of the layer.

Customized Car Mats

We customize Car Mats according to your taste and requirement. We guarantee durability and design that lasts long, our custom cut floor mats are a perfect fit for your vehicle and safeguards your interior from any potential damage effectively.

Engine Cleaning & Glazing

The engine and its compartments get dirty, it usually has grease, oil build up, dirt and grime that finds its way from the underside, wheels etc. Engine compartment is often avoided as it’s complicated. Come to us to clean and glaze vehicle engines hassle free.

Glass Polishing

Mineral deposits cause glass scratches or damage Vehicle glass. This can now be removed with breakthrough technology we use on windows, front / rear windshields of your vehicle. Scratched glass can now be repaired without distortion.

Engine Oil and Filter Change

We keep your engine running smoothly with regularly scheduled oil changes. The quantity of engine oil decreases over time while simultaneously collecting sludge. It is necessary to completely change out the engine oil and clean the filter to keep your engine healthy and running smoothly. Your nearest LAUGFS Care Care service station can perform this service for you using high performance products.

Corrosion Protection

We carry out corrosion protection for your vehicle by coating the undercarriage using world class brand products. The process consists of:

  • Washing & cleaning of undercarriage
  • Cleaning of all corroded areas
  • Cleaning of surfaces using a thinner
  • Covering of all areas before applying the undercoat
  • Smooth application of the undercoat

Brake Fluid Change

Instead of only topping up brake fluid, it is safer to completely change it when the fluid is in poor condition. Our Car Care Experts will help identify when this becomes necessary and carry out the service.

Engine Scanning

Our engine scanning uses state of the art diagnostic tools to identify and correct faults in your engine. Engine malfunctions can be quickly diagnosed and fixed.

Manual gear oil change

To protect your gear box and ensure its smooth operation you have to change the gear oil with the right gear oil type, at the right time.

Head Lamp Re-Conditioning

Our head lamp re-conditioning system remove yellowing and cloudiness from the surface of the polycarbonate lamp lenses bringing back its original crystal clear appearance, thereby giving a clearer vision for safe night driving.

Ultimate Beauty & Protection for your Car Paint!

Polymer Coating is the very latest in cutting edge technology of self-cleaning Nanotech glass coating. In our Polymer Coating treatment process, we exclusively use the worlds’ best products to protect and preserve your car paint.

This easily repels water without leaving any spots on the paint surface. Dust, dirt, bird dropping and other contaminants don’t bond to the Polymer Coating barrier and can be easily removed during the regular washing.

Exterior Steam Wash

Experience the latest Hi-Tech steam-jet technology to give your Car sparking new look. Heat & pressure combined create a powerful cleaning solution that melts away dirt, grime, oil, tar, Bird droppings, tree sap etc

Intensive Interior Cleaning

Our latest equipments like steam vapor machine, lather Foam machine, spray extraction machine & bio degradable Cleaners give an intensive cleaning to all rubber and beadings, seat belts, Seat covers (fabric, leather), AC vents, dash board console, carpets, door jumbs, dicky & all rubber and fabric mats making car “Germ free”. U.V. protection dressings to All vinyl, plastics and rubber giving your car spotless, shiny and glossy Interiors

Ozone Treatment

The car is being treated with OZONE AIR PURIFIER after Interior cleaning making it germ free. It STERILIZES interiors and help purifying the air quality and removes any odour in car cabin thus helping you to prevent any health risks.

6-steps paint correction / protection Treatments

With polymer/synthetics sealants: Over the time cars paints erodes due to the effect of sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, salt,dirt, bird dropping, air pollution. Our PTFE based polymer paint sealants creates slippery,slicks, barrier that protect the paint finish, reduces fading & oxidation of paint. It repels dirt & grime, accelerates water run-off to reduce spotting, smoothens weathered surfaces and removes scratches giving adept to the paint.

Under Body Polymer Coating Treatments

• Long term protection against corrosion/rusting. • Effective damping of sound & vibration. • Fire retardance properties. • Reduction of impacts load. (Like stone hitting on car underbody.) • Withstands temperature rangeof (-) 150c . • Film thickness of 100 to 150 microns per coat. • 3 year warranty with high quality OE approved.

Interior & Fabric Spot Cleaning (Steam & Shampoo)

Treatment for interiors, recommend for all cars. Kills germs & cleans and conditions carpets, upholstery, vinyl, plastic/rubber surfaces of car interiors to produce a durable, enriched appearance. Best suited for seats, door trims, dashboards, panels, steering, rubber mats & more.

Headlight Restoration

Over time headlight covers can become yellow and hazy, reducing visibility and making night driving dangerous. We can bring your headlights back to life and add increased visibility, improving your car's appearance and your safety.

Odoor Removal

Coming Soon! We will be using an ozone generator to remove car odors with the use of artificial fragrances. Ozone generators attack odors at the source by immediately oxidizing the odor source. Ozone can travel into cracks and crevices, under seats and into the vents.

Leather Reconditions

Whether it's restoring your leather's shine, repairing a tear in the leather or repairing faded leather; we have a solution for you. Keep one thing in mind…the most important step in leather reconditioning is to keep it clean from the start. Worry less about the right kind of leather conditioner and worry more about keeping the leather clean and free from contaminants.

Swirl /Scratch Removal

Removes light /medium scratches, oxidation, stains, etc. to produce a brilliant, durable, 'Wet look' finish. Use on tyres, bumpers, external rubber/plastic mouldings.

UV Protection Coating

Paint protection treatments prevent fading on the car exterior due to exposure the sun's UV rays & Produces a brilliant gloss. Prefer for all new cars. Providing three free refresh wax coating.

Paint Protection Coating

Paint protection treatments prevent fading on the car exterior due to exposure the sun's UV rays & Produces a brilliant gloss. Removes light /medium scratches, oxidation, stains, etc. to produce a brilliant, durable, 'Wet look' finish with one year colour warranty.

Exterior Beatification

Thoroughly cleans & shines car (both new & old) to create a rich 'just like new' appearance. Best for all exterior paint, engine compartment, tyres, bumpers & vinyl moulding.

Bio-Enzymatic & Odor Eliminator Treatment

Effective removal of food stains and pet stains on carpet and upholstery. Highly effective treatment for odor.

Refresh Wax Coating

Thoroughly cleans & shines car (both new & old) to create a rich 'just like new' appearance.

Gas Treatment

Prevents engine knocking and stalling, increases engine power and gas mileage. Cleans dirty fuel injectors and intake valves reduces emissions and black and white smoke.

Oil Flush

Reconditioning oil, engine flush, cleans and conditions engine for new motor oil. Removes sludge and varnish. Safe and effective, detergent additive.

Oil Treatment

Heavy duty synthetic oil treatment that safely extend oil change intervals up to 7500mils. It reduces oil, fuel, filter and maintenance cost. Reduces friction and engine wear. Restores compression, power and oil pressure.

Eco-Wash & Wax

Get a shiny and clean car with CARe Point Car Care signature Eco-wash and wax package

  • Complete exterior Eco wash followed by Meguiars wax polish application (manual). Windows and glass cleaning, Alloys and tyre dressing.
  • Interior vacuum cleaning, dashboard and door-trims wiped clean.
  • Does not include Engine bay area and under-body/wheel arches.
  • Model- Hatch, Premium/Luxury, Sedan, SUV/MUV

Premium Interior Treatment

Premium treament of entire car interiors using Foam covering seats, upholstery, floor mats, carpet, roof, boot.

  • Dashboard and plastic polishing.
  • Vacuum cleaning.
  • Exterior eco car wash.
  • Does not include Engine bay area and underbody/ chassis

Intensive Interior Treatment

Intensive cleaning of entire car interiors including seats, upholstery, floor mats, carpet, roof, boot

  • Dashboard and plastic polishing.
  • Vacuum cleaning.
  • Exterior eco car wash.
  • Does not include Engine bay area and underbody/ chassis

Regular Service

Manufacturer recommended periodic maintenance service includes:

  1. Engine oil change
  2. Oil filter replacement
  3. Complete vehicle check up
  4. Coolant top up
  5. Brakes cleaning
  6. Air filter cleaning
  7. Pick up and drop to CARe Point Car Care preferred workshops / doorstep service at no additional charge

    Price shown is only labour charges and all applicable taxes. Parts and consumables will be charged at actuals.

Express Check Up

  • Express 50 point check of the entire vehicle covering all fluid levels, electricals, transmission, battery, engine, wheels and tyres.
  • Any critical issues are identified for immediate rectification.
  • Parts identified for replacement will be charged extra.

AC Duct Sanitization

  • AC duct sanitization by spraying a foam based sanitizer to remove bad odours and harmful germs.
  • All done at your doorstep.
  • Prices include service charges and tax.

Minor Repairs

  • Express 50 point check of the entire vehicle covering all fluid levels, electricals, transmission, battery, engine, wheels and tyres.
  • Any critical issues are identified for immediate rectification.
  • Parts identified for replacement will be charged extra.

AC Check & Sanitization

  • cabin filter cleaning, cooling check and AC duct sanitization.
  • Service will be carried out at your doorstep.
  • Includes service charges and all applicable taxes.
  • If AC gas recharge / top up is required, would be charged additionally.

Nano Tech Coating

Treatment of windshield with UV-protective Nano coating for improving driving visibility even during heavy rains.

Water and fog repellent. Reduces hard water stains.

Not recommended for windshield with cracks.

Price includes Nano coating material and labour charges for a single windshield at your doorstep. 3-4 months durability

The left side of the windscreen in this video has been treated…

Scratch Removal

  • Remove all scratches and repaint the panel
  • Painting charges using high quality Dupont or Akzo Nobel paint.
  • 1 year warranty included. Price includes all applicable taxes.

Complete Car Treatment

  • Eco Wash
  • Interior Detailing
  • Meguiars wax polishing for car exterior
  • Does not include Engine bay area and underbody/ chassis

Eco Front Wipers

Get a set of brand new BOSCH wiper blades installed in your car and tackle the monsoons!

  • Price includes parts, fitment charges and all applicable taxes.
  • Fitment done at your doorstep.

These wipers might not fit for a few models

Exterior Shine

  • Give your car a perfect shine with this good value package.
  • Complete exterior Eco wash followed by manual applicabion of Meguiars wax polish
  • Tyre and alloy wheel cleaning, Logo cleaning included.
  • Interior vacuum cleaning and dashboard/plastics wiped clean.
  • Does not include Engine bay area and underbody/ chassis

Central Locking Repair

Repairs relating to wiring and central locking repairs.

  • Service carried out at your doorstep.Includes service tax.
  • If any parts used will be additional and charged at MRP and will be informed to you before fitment.

AC Recharge

AC leak test and complete recharge of gas. Service will be carried out at doorstep.

  • Includes service charges, AC gas and all applicable taxes.
  • If any additional parts are to be replaced, will be charged at MRP.

Accessory and Electronics Fitment

Installation of accessories or electronics in your car.

  • Services will be carried out at your doorstep.
  • Price includes service charges and all applicable taxes.
  • (Note: Cost of accessories not included)

Interior Germ-Protect

Protect your family from harmful germs in your car.

  • Package includes intensive cleaning of entire car interiors using anti-microbial foam covering seats / upholstery, floor mats, carpet, roof and boot area. Dashboard and plastics dressing and
  • polishing. Vacuum cleaning of interiors. Exterior dry car wash including wheels and tyres dressing.
  • Does not include engine bay cleaning and underbody cleaning.

Rear View Mirror Screen with Camera

7 Inch Rear View Mirror Screen with,



SD Card and

8 LED Night Vision Car Reverse Parking Waterproof Camera

The monitor will start up automatically and display the video from rear view camera when you are reversing your car and monitor will close itself after back gear is disengaged

Price includes part, fitment and all applicable taxes

Exterior Refine and Protect

Ultimate exterior paint restoration package using 3M / Meguiars compounds. Exterior paint restoration package comprising eco wash, claying to remove stubborn dirt, sanding to remove

minor scratches and swirls, polishing and wax application. Alloys and tyre dressing and complete interior vaccum cleaning is included.

Monsoon Standard

Standard package includes,

  • Complete vehicle check up and fluid top ups
  • Wipers replacement
  • Mudflaps replacement
  • Electricals and battery check
  • Tyre check and inflation
  • Full vehicle Wash and Wax polish.
  • Free pick up and drop.

    Price includes all taxes, parts cost extra charged at actuals if replaced

Reverse Car Parking Sensor

Reverse Car Parking Sensor with LED Display. Price includes device and fitment at your doorstep

  1. Warning alarm if any object is too close to the rear of your car
  2. Keeps your car safe from routine parking accidents
  3. LED on dashboard displays distance between your car and object behind

Price includes part, fitment and all applicable taxes

Exterior and Interior Refinement

Exterior Refine and Protect using 3M / Meguiars compounds along with intensive interior cleaning to restore your entire car

  • Does not include Engine bay area and underbody/ chassis

Long Drive Package

Complete vehicle check up and fluid top ups

Electricals and battery check

Full vehicle wash and AC sanitization

Bosch Eco wipers replacement. Price includes parts, labour and all applicable taxes

Note: Bosch eco wipers may not be suitable for some specific vehicle makes/models. Additional charges may apply


  • 3D Ultra Scan Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Tyre Services & Sales
  • Oil Change / Filter Change
  • Battery Change
  • Nitrogen Filling
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pollution Check Up
  • Running RRepairs
  • Injector Cleaning / Filter Replacement
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Polymer II Coating
  • Nano Coating
  • Glass Coating
  • Exterior Steam Wash
  • Interior & Exterior Steam Cleaning
  • 2 Step & 4 Step Polishing
  • Headlight & Engine Room Restoration
  • Paint & Scratch Correction
  • Under Body Coating
  • Nano Glass repellant Coating
  • Anti Rust Treatment / Protection
  • Engine Cleaning & Glazing
Free Support
  • Leather Seat Cover Stitching
  • PVC Floor Mat Fixing
  • IND Number Plate / Wiper
  • Sticker Cutting / Alloy Wheels
  • Car Tint Sun ControlL Films/ Paint Protection Films
  • Customized Car Mats
  • Audio / Parking Sensor / Center Lock
  • All Accesories